Standards is a collective project and a flexible space for sonic experience, performance, arts, and music, located at Dergano district in Milano. The main space features Cavo, a wooden site-specific installation acting on the acoustics and on the aesthetics, conceived as practice-based research.  As a platform and catalyst for experimentations, Standards encourages multiple perspectives, with the aim to engage relations and widen definitions for sonic and visual cultures. Since 2015 Standards offers a diverse programme of live performances, concerts, talks, exhibitions, workshops, artist residencies, art productions, discursive practices, installations, independent publications, and showcases. With its initiatives, Standards acknowledges the responsibility of acting independently in creating the conditions for cultural projects in respect of the quality of research, communities, accessibility and differences and supporting the free expression and circulation of ideas. Standards is a non-profit organization and its sustainability is made possible thanks to the support of the public – with membership and donations – and through the fundraising activity.

Standards is currently agitated by Attila Faravelli, Enrico Gilardi, Michele Lori, Gaia Martino, Roberta Pagani and Nicola Ratti who opened the space together with Alberto Boccardi.



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