A fixed environment, regular in all its parts and without movement, would be an environment completely rigid: maybe it would no longer be an environment. The site specific installation is the result of a practical research project developed by Frequente in 2016, in dialogue with Studio Oooze (visual artists Nicola Martini and Vittorio Cavallini).

Irregularity is the chosen strategy to ensure the richness of acoustical qualities of the place. Rather than rectify the aural response of the environment, we preferred to increase possibilities, in building up a context able to maintain the differentiation. The installation is done so as to assure instability to the space and to modify the perceiving of the space as white cube.

We think the room reveals rather than narrows the possibilities of sonic events: the changing position of the listener, the refraction of the sounds on the multitude of curved surfaces, the countless facets of ongoing variables are all elements oriented to be always active; they add up, they thicken, they fit together, they nullify each other, they go to create an iridescent space.

If reality is infinite creases made of the same substance, this installation aims at increasing the creases, preferring movement to control, differentiation to linearity.

Cavo is made of smoked walnut and eucalyptus wood and has been worked at its natural state, taking advantage of the roughness, looking for the friction of the sound on the material and inside its porosity. It is a part, is a a whole, it is part of a whole.