Rudimentary Exercises is a collection of workshop exercises, which make use of the potentiality and the vulnerability of the body to widen the relationship between sound, space and movement. The relationship with objects is not linear and imposed, the exercises do not aim at controlling the object in order to produce music. Through simple and repetitive actions executed in different conditions and positions in the space, the aim is finding out the openness and the interchange with what surrounds us and to foster one’s free expression within the group and of the group, by respecting the uniqueness of the single person. The workshop is lead by Enrico Malatesta, experimental drummer, whose research covers music, performance and site-specific interventions. His practice explores the relationship between sound, space and movement with particular attention to our different modes of listening, the instruments’ affordances and the ‘polyrhythm’, which corresponds to the definition of multiple information through an ecological and sustainable approach to the percussive act.

The workshop is for 14-19-year-old boys and girls (for a maximum of 8 participants), and is thought in collaboration with Mixitè – periferie in movimento, a day-centre in Via Zanoli 15 – Milan. Admission is free.



WED. 20th – THU. 21 FEBRUARY 2019
time from 3 to 5 pm

Teacher: Enrico Malatesta
Coordinator: Gaia Martino
In collaboration with Frequente