There are as many sounds in the forms of music as auditory experiences. What a person or a cultural context consider ‘music’ might just be noise or random sounds for someone else. During this workshop, we will explore why the difference between sound and noise lies between their different organisation and collocation, we will explore the uniqueness of the listening of each person and we will begin to explore the relationship between sound and noise, music and identity.

The workshop is lead by Matias Guerra, who was born in Santiago del Chile, has lived in Quito, London and Rome and is currently based in Milan, working as artist, consultant, teacher and cultural manager of projects regarding information technologies, communication, criticism and social movements collaborating with several organisations, always prioritising collective and self-sustained work. He combines his work in visual arts with his interest for electronic music and improvisation, playing the guitar as first instrument.

The workshop is thought for 14-19-year-old boys and girls and will last one hour and a half. It will be thought in Italian, although English, French and Spanish may be spoken too.

Free admission prior to booking.
The workshop will take place at Standards.

Teacher: Mattias Guerra
Curator: Gaia Martino
In collaboration with Frequente


March-April 2019