Creative workshops devoted to the exploration of sound, open to children aged 8-11

The workshop features a series of listening and production exercises devoted to sound. They will happen in a funny environment where children will be deeply involved. These exercises aim at playing with sound through the use of body, of space and of movement and to prompt children to experiment with sound in a form that is not necessarily music. The workshop will be divided into small and big groups, led by the teacher Attila Faravelli, musician and researcher who has taught in US, Asia and Europe. The teacher will be joined by an educator in order to foster the collaboration amongst the participants.

In 2019, the ‘This is not music!’ workshop will be brought to some schools of the neighbourhood. In the month of March, some classes of the Don Orione primary school of Milan – in the Affori zone – will host the project. The children will listen to and produce sounds in a funny environment, of which children will be the protagonists. The aim of the workshop – lead by the musician and researcher Attila Faravelli and the educator Alice Bescapé – is playing with sound through the use of body, of the space and of the movement and push children to experiment with sound in a form that is not ‘music’. The workshop will be running in big and small groups curated by the teacher and the educator.

Teacher: Attila Faravelli
Educator: Alice Bescapé

In collaboration with Calypso – Il teatro per il sociale





Workshop at the Don Orione primary school, Via Fabriano 4 – Milano. Reserved to the school’s students.

SUN. 24TH MARCH –  from 3.30 to 6.30 pm
Open to families and children involved in the project, who will be invited to visit the cultural centre Standards, in Via Maffucci 26 – Milano, for a moment of play, dialogue and informal meeting. Attendance is free, with membership card only.  Admissions to workshops are free and open to up to 15 children. Workshops will run on Sunday afternoons and will last one hour and a half. Workshops will take place at Standards.


+39 339 81 56 463 (Alice)