Monopoly Child Star Searchers + Reptilian Expo


presented by Artetetra

Monopoly Child Star Searchers (BE)
Reptilian Expo (IT)
:: live set
presented by Artetetra

Thursday 24 Oct. – h. 9:30 pm

Spencer Clark, former member of the seminal noise duo The Skaters, has recorded and toured under the aliases Tarzana, Typhonian Highlife, and Monopoly Child Star Searchers. His new album “Avatar Blue” is a 2 hours and 30 minutes song Pro-Earth odyssey about the Ocean and Special Effects. For his new live show, Spencer has invited Roman Hiele and Milan W. to perform his tracks, completely live and direct. Opening the concert: Reptilian Expo, who will present his new to-be-released album “xperiametaphone” for the first time.