Abdullah Miniawy + Alma Đelić


curated by 20 Seconds

20 Seconds presents
Abdullah Miniawy +
Alma Đelić

Martedì 21.06.2022 – ore 21.00
c/o Standards – Via Maffucci, 26 – Milano

20 Seconds Magazine Issue 4 is not rooted in hope, but rather in resistance—to what comes when the surreal notions of our collectively detrimental existence begin to sink into the wet sands of our memories.

In occasione dell’uscita del 4° numero della rivista 20 Seconds – pubblicazione semestrale di musica e arte sperimentale – abbiamo il piacere di ospitare da Standards una doppia performance curata da 20S insieme allo scrittore, cantante, attore e compositore Abdullah Miniawy e la poetessa e musicista Alma Đelić.

La performance di Abdullah Miniawy è l’ultima di una serie di collaborazioni tra la rivista berlinese e il poeta e l’artista egiziano, una nuova proposta live dell’artista parigino, dopo l’uscita di Untitled, traduzione del pezzo 2021 del poeta, presente nel 3° numero di 20 Seconds. Alma Đelić, poetessa e musicista di Belgrado e Parigi, presenta invece una raccolta di materiale radicato nella sua pratica di improvvisazione e manipolazione sonora, legata e allo stesso tempo liberata da una precisa composizione. La performance di Đelić fa seguito anche nel suo caso alla collaborazione con la rivista per la pubblicazione del poema Grey Skies Over the City I Used to Love, sempre nel 3° numero di di 20S.

About 20 Seconds  

20 Seconds is a print-only magazine for experimental music and art. It’s built by and for designers, writers and photographers who feel they’re not being challenged enough by what they’re reading and seeing.
It’s also a dialogue, founded on fluidity. And the conversation is something we feel can last as long as the ink on the pages.
In response to the mundane programming, sponsored-content-dependent, stock-photo-generated presentations to which we all suffer, we propose a solution. Published twice annually, 20 Seconds will be a collection of original photography, longform journalism, poetry, interviews and more.
20 Seconds Magazine Issue 4, released in April 2022, is an introspective investigation into the origins and outcomes of degradation, marked by a year of strife and war traversing the truth of statehood and global interdependence.
Issue 4 is not rooted in hope, but rather in resistance—to what comes when the surreal notions of our collectively detrimental existence begin to sink into the wet sands of our memories. If we do not reflect on the consequences of our actions, the present will perish as our past has.


Abdullah Miniawy is an Egyptian writer, singer, composer and actor. He has shared the stage with artists like Erik Truffaz, Kamilya Jubran, Yom, Médéric Collignon, Aly Talibab and many others, as a guest at venues such as Festival d’Avignon edition 72, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Munich’s Haus Der Kunst, the Louvre, and more.

Since 2016 he has worked with the German trio Carl Gari (Jonas Yamer, Till Funke, Jonas Friedlich) melding avantgardist electronic soundscapes with poetic lyrics. Their first record “Darraje” was selected as one of the best 50 albums of 2016 by the American NPR. As a writer, his lyrics were diffused throughout the Middle East during the Arab Spring.

Alma Đelić is a poet, musician and designer part of the group Envélope Cruz and working under the moniker of WTNS. Envélope Cruz explores extraterrestrial ambient / drone / dub / electronic soundscapes using a custom built max msp / jitter audio | video system.


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