Áine O’Dwyer


Hangar Macao

“Sound Walks from Medjugorje” is the project resulting from a research journey to the pilgrimage site in Bosnia Herzegovina, during October 2016. Interested to collect various acoustical narrations of the place – silences, celebratory chants from the crowd – the artist goes to compose, as she says, “acustic intimacies”: sonic memories extracted from her Irish catholic childhood influenced by medieval tradition and gaelic folklore.

Áine O’Dwyer, Irish musician, is known for her extended and lyric use of the harp. Her own interest for derelic sites, choreographies of change, alternative scores, acoustical phenomena and the act of listening combine with her peculiar performance with instruments, drawing, space and time, memory and body. Since 2014 she is active with self-productions and recent releasings on Penultimate Press and MIE.