CREEPAGE CURRENT :: 6 Channels Composition

Friday 20th – from 6:30 pm (start 7:00 pm)

The installation will be opened on Saturday 21th and Sunday 22th – from 3:00 to 8:00 pm


As opening of the new season at Standards, we’re pleased to present the sound installation for 6 channels Creepage Current, collaboration between Andrea Neumann (composer, inside piano, mixer) and Mads Emil Nielsen (composer, electronics).
Andrea Neumann and Mads Emil Nielsen’s collaboration was initiated in 2014 with a common focus on creating music combining graphic scores, open improvisations and remixing. This led to their “Deconstruction” series and a graphic score (Framework) interpretation. In 2018 Neumann and Nielsen produced a 4-channel composition and released a 10” vinyl.
During three days, Standards will be animated by a site-specific sonic set up that will propose a new reading of the space, giving room to live performances and multiple listenings. Before to present Creepage Current, Friday Sept the 20th, the sound display will be the occasion for involving some daily Standards’ voices to interact with the sonic space prepared by Mads Emil Nielsen. Luigi Monteanni, Nicola Ratti and Marco Verdi will play live the site-specific installation, proposing different perspective for the same listening device before that Mads Emil Niels will activate his installation through a live performance.
It will be possible to visit Creepage Current at Standards Sat 21st and Sun 22nd of Sept.

Neumann and Nielsen’s acousmatic compositions are derived from recordings made with electronics and inside piano, created using methods such as multilayering and graphic scoring. These recordings were then edited and spatialized through a 4-channel system.
Creepage Current 1 was created with an architectural, visual mind-set, employing a limited number of sounds and textures, precisely layered and spatialized via the four channels.
Creepage Current 2 is a dense, static, transparent drone piece with multiple layers of sound, based upon slow movements / rotations and subtle changes in filtering and spatial effects.
Creepage Current 3 was made by the musicians improvising from graphic score fragments, sequenced using individual timecodes and then edited into a more complex collage, following closely the structure of the original recording.
The pieces were recorded in studioboerne45, Berlin, mixed by Mads Emil Nielsen in his studio in Copenhagen, and later edited & completed by both musicians in the Elektronisches Studio at T.U. (Technische Universität) Berlin in late 2017 and early 2018.

Presentation & Publication
The work was first presented as a sound installation (8-channel version) at Geoff Stern Art Space, Berlin and as a loudspeaker concert in KoncertKirken, Copenhagen in October 2018.
The third piece will be released in its stereo version on 10” vinyl as part of Mads Emil Nielsen’s Framework series (arbitrary10 – Framework 2) in 2019.


This project is part of the series OFF-Standards, with the support of Comune di Milano.