APERTURE :: live set Threads

Sunday 6th Oct from 6:00 pm


Aperture is a project by siblings Elisabetta and Emanuele Porcinai, thought as a fusion of Emanuele’s practice as a musician and Elisabetta’s use of the spoken word and poetry as complementary element to her work as a visual artist.
A joint pathway spanning across over ten years and marked by a constant interdisciplinary dialogue, whose strength lays in the crossover of different practices having spatial and environmental perception as their common denominator.

Threads is Aperture’s debut album. An exploration of aural intimacy, with domestic sound sources forming a vital element of the album’s musical bedrock. Rhythms built from footfalls and table-tapping sit comfortably alongside lush synthesizers, wistful pianos, and ambient washes, all backing up Elisabetta’s spoken words. The musical and verbal halves of Aperture play with free association and improvisation alike, crafting a uniquely slow burning, yet visceral sound in the process.