Giovedì 03 Febbraio • ore 21.30 

Broshudalive concert

Siamo contenti di aprire questa nuovo anno presentando Broshuda, produttore musicale e artista visivo di base a Berlino.
La sua ricerca spazia dalla sound art alle tecniche elettroacustiche, passando per field recording, incursioni di spoken word ed escursioni sonore più ritmiche, oscure, rumorose e unisce il dub classico con un ambient post wave.
Though kaleidoscopically varied, the work is held together by a playful sense of experimentation and a willingness to explore new directions of sound through an experimental approach and the use of freeform production techniques to expand and further his already broad sonic palette.
Pursuing a strong Fluxus inspired interdisciplinary ethos in his artistic output, the same attitude is applied to his audio works, resulting in detailed sketches which at the same time show and disguise their inner logic while transporting a diverse range of carefully distilled feelings and emotions.
As an avid Brodcaster, Broshuda has supplied one off audio-pieces and guestmix contributions for radio stations and institutions such as NTS, Cashmere Radio, Dublab, Rinse FM, Berlin Community Radio, Dummy Magazine, If Only & more, as well as having recently completed a three month guest residency at Bristol’s own Noods Radio.
In September 2019 he inaugurated his bimestrial radio transmission, “Intrinsic Speculations” on Radio LYL.
Over the years he has performed and exhibited his works internationally in a variety of cultural and immersive club-centric settings including Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Stettin Philharmonic, Berghain’s Säule, Rye Wax, Power Lunches & The Waiting Room (London), The Exchange (Bristol), Kraftwerk (Berlin), Macao (Milan), NII (Moscow) and Damás (Lisbon) amongst others.
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