Dakim’s sound research focuses on the “loop”, conceived within the composition structure as organic factor, evolving and breathing in the ongoing repetition,
touching hip-hop rhythms, footwork, and radical jazz. His rare live performances are vivid chances to tune into a unique and instinctive sonic vision,rising from a cacophony of dismantled grooves and spasmodic sampling.

In order to welcome the first time of Dakim in Milan, Standards changes its set up, opening its three studios: at ground floor one space becomes a warm room for the live set and the other selecta, while the upper studio turns into a listening room for the preview of Giuseppe Ielasi last gem on Senufo Editions “Even when they speak of space” – music for whistling, microphone and digital degradation, to be played at low volume – here presented as a site specific sound diffusion. Lastly the third studio is curated by milanese designer and musician Canedicoda and for the occasion becomes a temporary tattoo studio for Ultra Eczema’s Belgian artist and musician Dennis Tyfus’ No Choice Tattoos as well as showcase Canedicoda’s handmade creations.

Artistic personality elusive and unique, Dakim is known to be a very important name of LA Leaving Records imprint, regarded as cult figure by artists such as Flying Lotus, Matthew David and House Shoes, who  refer to him as one of their main inspirations. The same Giuseppe Ielasi released Dakim’s “34 Fragments” in 2012, and Nicola Ratti is currently sharing with him an artistic residency curated by Node Festival that will result in a collaborative public performance at Galleria Civica di Modena.