I/O2: VA AA LR & Romy Rüegger



I/O2: sirens & walls


VA AA LR  – Vasco Alves, Adam Asnan, Louie Rice

Outdoor: “The Concert For Flares”

performance for sirens flares in public space

6:30 pm meeting point @Bovisa Station

7:00 pm performance


Romy Rüegger

Indoor: “I Am The Wall – Where Will You Be Main Frequencies”

performance – book presentation “Language is Skin. Scripts for Performances” (Archive Books Edition, Berlin 2018

from 8:00 pm @Standards

Indoor/Outdoor wants to reach out and bridge the space of Standards to the urban surrounding of the Bovisa/Dergano district area of Milan. We aim to to widen the social base of the traditionally gatekeeped public of art and in return to research what social, political and aesthetic enrichment may unfold for the themes and artistic languages presented, once publicly exposed and experienced. Bringing together the practices of sound artists Adam Asnan, Vasco Alves, Louie Rice (VA AA LR) and Romy Rüegger for this evening and presenting two site-specific versions of two works, “The Concert For Flares” by VA AA LR, that will be performed outdoor by Milan’s Technical University Politecnico, and Romy Rüegger’s performance “I Am The Wall – Where Will You Be Main Frequencies” at Standard’s art-space. The conceptual common ground between the two that we aim to convey will be found in the great/small relation theme they both feature on different levels to evoke an actual social and political emergency. While in the “Concert For Flares” the microtonal hissing of flares, used as an instrument, is juxtaposed to the call-for-help, visually alarming presence of the distress signal of the smoke in the public area of a neighborhood subjected to dynamics of multicultural integration and close to a former Non-Settled people camp, “I Am The Wall – Where Will You Be Main Frequencies” follows several trains of thoughts on shared subject positions, and a group of gendered and futuristic digital voice pre-sets on their search for colonial legacies in speech, working on the relation between the individual’s gender, voice, language, and identity and its personal entanglement with the world and its politics, including the interpretation of history as part of the present. Archive Books, editor of Romy Rüegger’s book “Language is Skin – Scripts for Performances” will be present.



Saturday 6th October we meet at 6:30 PM at STAZIONE BOVISA NORD to reach together the space of the public performance of The Concert For Signal Flares by sound-artist trio VA AA LR (Vasco Alves, Adam Asnan, Louie Rice) who will harness the rich acoustic properties of signalling distress flares as a sonic artifact, over their intended use as a visual artifact.

We’ll be back at Standards by 8 PM to take part to the multi-channel audio-based performance in collaboration with Archive Books by Swiss artist Romy Rüegger: I AM THE WALL – WHERE WILL YOU BE MAIN FREQUENCIES. A group of gendered and futuristic digital voice pre-sets on their search for colonial legacies in speech, an auditive and performative exploration of sound-joined rooms, voice break, sounds like metal and listening as positioning in space. On the occasion we will present the book by Romy “Language Is Skin. Scripts for Performances” joined by the martian ballroom of Tzaziky & Crack / Tomboys Don’t Cry the collaboration of visual artist Dafne Boggeri and parisian writer Geraldine Sarratia.

VA AA LR is the London-based trio of Vasco AlvesAdam Asnan, Louie Rice. VA AA LR explore the textures, physicalities and instabilities of electroacoustic mediums. Their fearless experimentalism has previously seen them tackle instrumentation as variable as compressed CO2, distress flares and aCitroën. Active in their own right and in their frequent inter-collaborations, they have developed a number of actions for recorded or live concrete sound. In the most recent works VA AA LR expand the concept of musique concrète, dropping their usual prepared electronics and objects, in order to carve out a landscape from the sound of distress flares alone.


ROMY RÜEGGER is an artist based in Zürich. She works with performances, audio installations and choreographed spaces. She is author of experimental audio pieces, staged conversations, notations and texts that are being performed, red, published and broadcasted. She often works in collaboration with other artists, hosts and organizes performances, lectures, seminars and film evenings. Together with a group of people she currently runs a residency space in Zurich. In her recent work she compares the production and trade of images of “the other” in early industrialization to today’s image and clothing production, with a focus focusing on the role of women and children in Switzerland’s first workers strike. Performed and exhibited: Rooftop Readings Basel, Oslo10 Basel, Kunsthof Zürich, IPA Istanbul 2013) She is co-editor of the publication *This book is a Classroom* (Passenger Books, Berlin/Toronto 2012) and co-founder of the conversation setting *Politiko Kafeneio*. Her publication *Reading Recorded Voices / A Play for Recorded Voices* (Edition Fink, Zurich 2013) will be launched 6th of November at *Les Complices* in Zürich.



Born in the slopes of Mount Sappho, in the bay of Skala Eressos. Arising from the ideal voicing of a martian ballroom TZAZIKY & CRACK dj-sets move fluid, in a constant research of trails in precarious balance between past present and recent future. T&C is part of the Milano queers girls and non-binary creatures collective TOMBOYS DON’T CRY .



Nell’ambito del progetto Città-Suono, realizzato con il contributo del Comune di Milano.

Artwork by Blaho