Isuru Kumarasinghe


Isuru Kumarasinghe presenta Ēkāgra : of time and small things

Giovedì 01.12.22 – ore 21.30
c/o Standards – Milano

A moment to think about spending time, wasting time, or lingering. A passing moment becomes enormous. The moment, when the urban drone has quieted down and little sounds come through. What happens, when we let these sounds fall through us, our ears, our bodies, resonating around and in us? Using sound shapes of physical objects for Ēkāgra : of time and small things, I explore the relationship between the resonance of vibrating objects and listening.

Isuru Kumarasinghe is a musician and sound artist from Sri Lanka and is based in Colombo. Through listening practice, his work focuses on the experience of sound perception and sound movements. He is a self-taught artist, who creates tools to transmit philosophies of listening, affect, and the relationship to the body into sound producing. He mainly works with electro-acoustic music improvisation, field recordings, as well as sound installations and performance. Kumarasinghe extensively collaborates with musicians, dance, theatre, and filmmakers and is a co-founder of the Musicmatters collective in Colombo.



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