28.11.2020 → 07.01.2021


curated by Artetetra

microTV is a new series of video playlists hosted on Artetetra’s YouTube channel.  Following the idea of YouTube as a “pile of stuff” suggested by Hito Steyerl, and hit by the structure of the famous “Important Videos” compilations, Artetetra is launching a brand new research into a(n im)possible, fictive organisation of Internet content.

From November 28th to December the 4th, Artetetra and Standards will present the project in the form of a benefit event for the space. The 30+ playlists will be hosted on here, introduced by two talks by Gabriele de Seta and Artetetra on the subjects of digital folklore, imaginal PSAs and non-narrative infotainment.

Artetetra has invited a plethora of different artists with which the label has collaborated through the years, sharing the same interests regarding the imaginal potentialities of the internet: including themes, imageries, phenomena and practices, expanding or subverting common clichés and stereotypes about platforms as stacks and archives.

“Will you be able, experienced Internet dweller, to give an order to the amorphous blob of infotainment oozing from the pile?”

The event is free but you can support us with your donation (push the button DONATE!).

Enjoy your watching & listening!


from Sat. 28.11.2020 to Tue. 7.01.2021 • H24
curated by Artetetra

talk: Gabriele de Seta, Artetetra

playlist: Norient, Ratthew, Palm Wine & Michela de Mattei, 2DG, Polonius, Gang of Ducks , Francesca Heart, Rainbow Island, Cortex of Light, Nicola Tirabasso, DJ BALLI, Quanto Magazine, Sun Araw, Gabriele de Seta, Modem, Giorgio Dursi, Giulia Bencini, TOTALE, Paolo Schiamazzi&Faetal-B, Tony Caldo, Vecchio Puorco, Giada Arena, Giuseppe Conte, Merchants, Simon Reynolds, Drinchendrò, International Winners, Chierichetti Editore, HDK, Hvala Ti, arottenbit, Sense Fracture, Charli B Moore, Technochrist, Raffaele Steiner, Nice Strangers, Marco Paltrinieri & moar.

Free admission! 
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🤯microtelevision 🤯
An experiment in imaginal PSA’s, digital folklore & non-narrative Infotainment

😵I’m Twelve Years Old and What is This?:

Continuous, relentless stream of unordered but nonetheless suggestive succession of incoherent content created by the transnational intervention of different users and their unequal digital access to the Net, YouTube has structured the contemporary global imagination weaponizing the incomprehensible and grotesque, the absurd and the obsolete. Not seldom with humoristic and/or paradoxical results.

While exploited collaterally as a platform to – more or less – illegally upload and share music, movies and, in general, copyrighted content, YouTube has also proved to be the perfect means for a shapeless mass of users, who excel in articulating completely unrelated and decontextualized videos, with the collaborative feedback and unpredictable will of the “Up Next / Suggested” bar. Between what you are watching and an endless stream of pointless A/V material there is only an ominous “Autoplay button”.

Why not get rid of it once and for all then?
Will you be able, experienced Internet dweller, to give an order to the amorphous blob of infotainment oozing from the platform?


Artetetra is a label and collective based in Milan, interested in the various relationships between post-geographical music, internet global phenomena and non-linear audio experiences. All and all, let’s just call it Quinto Mondo.