Stanze: racconto per camera preparata
from “The Bells Will Sound Forever” by Thomas Ligotti
with Massimiliano Rassu, Angela Longo
directed by Alessandro Panzavolta
soundscape Attila Faravelli
original music & field recording: Enrico Malatesta, Giovanni Lami, Attila Faravelli

“I was sitting in a small park on a drab morning in early spring when a gentleman who looked as if he should be in a hospital sat down on the bench beside me. […] Somehow our quiet and somewhat halting conversation touched upon the subject of a particular town near the northern border, a place where I once lived.” (Thomas Ligotti)

Orthographe (Alessandro Panzavolta, Angela Longo, Massimiliano Rassu) is a theater company born in 2004 in Ravenna. Their poetics explores strategies of subtracting gestures, actions, words, in order to restitute the not-to-do logic to the practice.
They presented “Orthographe de la physionomie en mouvement” for Biennale Venezia, “Tentativi di Volo” with SpielArt Munich, “Controllo remoto” at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, and the most recent pieces at the Sant’Arcangelo Festival. For their productions, Ortographe collaborates since the beginning with musicians and sound artists.