Papiro + Die Welttraumforscher


Papiro + 
Die Welttraumforscher

Giovedì 03.11.22 – dalle 21.30
c/o Standards – Milano

Giovedì 3 novembre sarà un’esplorazione, di suoni ed energia che sembrano provenire dalla complessità del cosmo o altrove, da qualche parte, in altre galassie. Droni, psichedelia, minimal, folk (di ogni tempo e di ogni luogo), industrial, garage, pop e new age: Marco Papiro, autoprodotto solo Papiro, è di scena insieme all’enigmatico progetto artistico oltre che musicale Die Welttraumforscher, attivo già dai primi anni ’80.
Marco Papiro è un musicista sperimentale italo-svizzero, produttore di musica elettronica, sound artist e graphic designer nato a Basilea, in Svizzera. Di formazione classica, ha suonato violino, sintetizzatore e basso in diverse band prima di creare e pubblicare a propria musica autoprodotta.
Die Welttraumforscher, anche loro svizzeri, è un progetto musicale che conta un catalogo di oltre 30 album, ma anche una collezione di film, racconti e innumerevoli illustrazioni che diventano narrazione del loro universo creativo.
Marco Papiro is a Swiss-Italian experimental musician, electronic music producer, sound artist and graphic designer born in Basel, Switzerland. Classically trained from early age, he played violin, synthesizer and bass guitar in several bands before creating and releasing his own self-produced music as Papiro. His influences are numerous and audible: drone, minimal, folk from all times and places, psychedelic, contemporary classical, industrial – but also easy listening, pop and even new age music. His compositions are generally instrumental, meditative and hypnotic, but at times also bizarre and humorous. Papiro is a multi-instrumentalist with a fondness for synthesizers from the pre-programmable era – the EMS VCS3, the Moog Sonic Six, the Roland Jupiter 4 and the Serge Modular among others. Marco Papiro has collaborated with various musicians such as Mani Neumeier, Hans Koch or Gyða Valtýsdóttir, and has been a “sound carrier” for Damo Suzuki on several occasions. He is also a regular guest with Swiss garage-psych band Roy & the Devil’s Motorcycle.[2] In 2005 he founded the noise band Mir,[3] together with Daniel Buess and Michael Zaugg (later also Marlon McNeill and Yanik Soland). Until Daniel Buess’ death in 2016, the band played over a hundred shows in Europe, Brazil and Japan. As a producer he has initiated the re-release of “Herzschlag Erde / Verdunkelt die Sinne” and “Diesingende Sternlaterne / Folklore des Weltalls 1982” by Swiss underground musician and outsider artist “Die Welttraumforscher”, of whom he is a big admirer. Papiro is also active as an unorthodox DJ. Together with Markus Stähli of Roy & the Devil’s Motorcycle they host a monthly night were they expand their eclectic sets by using various speeds, additional instruments, prepared tapes and effects. Marco Papiro has studied graphic design at the Basel School of Design from 1995 to 1999. As a graphic designer Marco Papiro is mostly known for the posters and album covers he has created for related artists such as Sun Araw, Spacemen 3 / Spectrum (with Peter Kember aka Sonic Boom), Panda Bear, Z’EV, Antoine Chessex, Oren Ambarchi and many others. He teaches at the Basel School of Design since 2006.
Die Welttraumforscher is one of Switzerland’s most enigmatic musical projects, with a catalog that not only spans more than 30 albums, but also films, stories and countless illustrations. These documents are the only proof that “Die Welttraumforscher” actually exist. Small creatures with big, gentle eyes, more reminiscent of friendly ghosts than of scientists (Forscher), are depicted with childlike innocence and painstaking attention to detail. Their universe also includes such characters as the “Moon Pope”, Kip Eulenmeister and Leguan Rätselmann. Together, they experience weird adventures with a touch of science fiction, metaphysics and dadaism. As Die Welttraumforscher themselves put it: “We are working for the next world”. No wonder that those of us stuck in the here and now are not always able to make sense of it.
The man behind this phantom band is only mentioned in the small print: “Lyrics, music and illustrations by Christian Pfluger for Die Welttraum-forscher”. Not unlike musical kindred spirits The Residents, Pfluger remains in the shadows, creating a mystique. However, instead of concealing or disguising himself at shows, he just very rarely plays live at all.
This veil of mystery, the borderline-esoteric mysticism, plus the fact that the lyrics are almost exclusively in German, might explain to some degree why Die Welttraumforscher have always led a niche existence.
Among musicians, however, they have already gained cult status. Mouse on Mars, Neoangin, and Harald «Sack» Ziegler are just a few known admirers. Together with other musicians, they released a remix LP on Felix Kubins Gagarin label in 1999. Other well-known aficionados are Dieter Meier (Yello) and German astronaut Hans-Joachim Roloff.
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