Standards w/ Silvia Costa

QW3_Standards_with Silvia Costa_ITA-ENG

[ If psychology is a fact, does it mean that we can watch and listen to it?] 

I. (taking care of breathing things) 
II. (things that you don’t want to leave) 
III. (and if they told you, would you have said it?) 

QW.3 comprises three exercises which practice move away from an exclusively sound-based apprehension. The three scores aim at a different and wider perspective on listening, attempting to allow us to conceive the act of listening beyond the mere notion of sound.

These three exercises coming along with as many illustrations that took shape thanks to the precious collaboration with Silvia Costa.

Words and images are conceived as notes whispered in one’s ear; these are scores for listening to one’s own imaginative space, to stir up memories, emotions, perceptions.

The three exercises, that should be performed in the order in which are presented, invite to breathe with the rhythms accompanying a tale: of the mind, of the sight, of what we perceive or think to perceive. They are a gentle call to the listening of the self, of its many, possible or more concealed manifestations.