Sugai Ken / MA


W/Morphine Records

Sugai Ken (J) | MA (J) :: live set
in collaboration with Morphine Records

Wednesday 16 Oct. – h. 9:30 pm

Sugai Ken is a Japanese performer and musician, his shows are related to momentum and space, he interacts with the space to recreate a ritual within which his music develops and merges into the space itself. One of Japan’s most interesting contemporary artists, he is doing a remix for MA and he mainly releases on EM records and RVNG intl.

MA comes from the rap and hip-hop Tokyo scene, and throughout the years he evolved into a more noisy and experimental beat making. He blends ritualistic ancient Japanese lyrics and vocal methods, on music that he creates using also his voice or field recordings. The result is alienating, weird and haunting but at the same time edgy and futuristic.


The event is presented in collaboration with Morphine Records.