Takamitsu Ohta


16:30 → 19:00


Senufo Editions presents Takamitsu Ohta
h. 5:30 pm
Takamitsu Ohta is a contemporary artist born in Osaka, Japan, and based in Kyoto.
A “stone collector and designer”, his work is often conceptual without being overly cerebral and materially-centered without sacrificing human expression. Not unlike steve roden, his sonic practice is based on finding materials specific to each performance or installation site. He then devises means of defamiliarizing the everyday in order to draw attention to processes and phenomena made invisible by habituation. He often uses cassette loops and simple, everyday objects such as stones and combs, recording and playing back and recording again.

The works which make up Elemental Studies are of a different order. These art installations may have sonic elements, but when they do they tend not to be the focus but just one among other material elements. Each installation explores materials in site specific contexts, creating beautiful machines without explicit sentimentality or heavy handed political messaging. Nonetheless the works by nature respond to social and environmental realities, contexts which they effortless slide into in clever and elegant ways.