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A poor excuse to fill up the space

Shoocking NEWS! Media mogul RUPERT MURDOCH has just clicked the GREEN BUTTON and botched THE WHOLE INFOTAINMENT DATABASE HE RAISED UP FOR YEARS!? For MORE THAN FIFTY YEARS, the News Corp chairman has been acting-like-a-CEO but IN REAL LIFE he’s a SHIRKER and 100% responsible of this LOAD OF PIFFLE. Who’s SO DESPERATE to watch this STACK OF CHEAP CGIS, local tv commercial and extreem news? DISGUSTENG!!1



Don’t you think that the world has definitely gone TOO META? Everything’s a reference of anything else and everything becomes a clever metonymy of some obscure recess of Pop Culture.

Well, if you we’re searching for an antidote to this rather annoying syneddochic postmodernism, if you’re looking to break the endless mise en abyme of reference you’ve come to the right place!

“BACK TO BASICS” is a collection of scattered fragments and unconsequential, non-narrative stills of human life fished out the underlooked corners of YouTube.

Enjoy a window on koan-like, urban contemporary visual culture for the modern man NOW!
PURE REALITY directly on your screen. And without the need of any previous information.



In dreams compatibilities. The invention of the liquid telephone was met with anger: “WE WANT THE GAS PHONE!”. He took his hands off the keyboard, got up from his chair and went to the window to smoke a cigarette. In the carton only marijuana cigarettes. On his stereo the sounds of screaming and shrieking guitars are blazing out like hair made of fire growing in fast-motion. Across the street the strip club has a new slogan on display: “LORD OF THE NIGHT LIFE”. The music switches to a hodgepodge of synthesized hard bop with metal guitars. He thinks to himself: “Magic, malice, and mysticism…nothing more, and definitely nothing less.” It begins pouring rain outside so hard that it looks as if a deep fog has settled. He exhales marijuana smoke, looks to his phone and opens up his ICHING app. He tosses the sticks virtually and ends up with COMING TO MEET and MODESTY. The doorbell to his apartment rings. It is the sound of an air horn. He makes his way to the entrance of his building only to find his good friend Stanislow B. Age standing around looking like a recently reformed cop. They agree to get some beers at the local bar “THE VORTEX”. The night is young; the fog is bright.

D. Marksson


Francesca Heart

Hydrofemme Planetary Peace

Hydrofemme is a wellness project with a funny yet critical perspective on the wellness industry. A contradiction at its birth. For microtelevision, we propose a journey into wellness ads centering the white, blonde, female hyper perfomative body.
But as we dive deeper, it becomes an exercise in faith in divine intelligence beyond criticism and a water prayer for interplanetary peace via sound body activation, New Age fiction and practical magic.

Franny Heart is a dancer, music explorer and somatic healing researcher and practitioner.

hydrofemme.com / francescamariano.com

Rainbow Island


You could reach up to 1,621 people daily by boosting your post “SKIALLO”, “JESUS” and “KAZILIA” and “SATURDAY” to reach 500 people.Puglia warfare, Enya, Svetlana, and Mariam, in some cases, will also be achieved by boosting your posting. Festa del Soccorso, Tillman do the dog, we all have to go to the front, and then, we have to stay the same, keep Gabe howl and Mr Bubz doing his thing, Giustizia cannon fodder, we will also be a huge part of the work, and also because of multifiss, Rainbow Road and many other projects, we will keep a huge focus on the people who fat sak, rotating peach juice, and getting people to be the ones who are the ones, Gigi Rally and the other kinds of things that are not what we need, but we will keep a very large share of 8YAP, Ponhpei Mininesia, Pachio, etc., Jiang, Venier Dreamerz do the game, we will also take a lot Reach for the Stars Rave party and we want to keep a huge amount of attention.

Rainbow Island is a quartet born in Rome in 2012. Since its foundation the band confirmed themselves as skilled explorers of virtual dub, deranged non-narrative storytelling and manipulations of digital riddim music in between fourth and fifth worlds.


Cortex of Light

C.o.L. (Cycles of Life)

C.o.L. (Cycles of Life) is a video collection about possible worlds sealed within the shadow zones of our impossible existences: an attempt to envision and to actually design the shape of things to come.
Different approaches, voices and visions as different ways of experiencing and understanding the unintelligible multidimensional web in which we’re trapped, where the human meets the animal and the alien enters the human, where cybernetics merge with spirituality and hybrid aesthetics enlighten the politics of ecstasy.

Kirana singing, early computer graphics, psychedelic substances, magick and modern physics, performative art and artificial intelligence give us a glimpse on the infinite possibilities of multiple concurrent realities and can be meant as personal and collective tools for metamorphosis in the present time.

Cortex of Light is an attempt to trace new configurations of the audible spectrum in order to alter the usual relations between body, mind and sound. The project was started in 2019 by Piezo, primordial OOze and Random Aitch.


Nicola Tirabasso

car goats

The car is the status symbol par excellence: it carries in itself the fundamental elements of aggression and eroticism, the desire for freedom and a display of style. It’s one of the major symbols of the techno-sexual’s of the XX century, representative also of the progress of technology “available to all” (as it is today are the high-tech products of consumption).
Many cultures have used goats in stories that portray various social and ideological constructs of their times .
Here the goat plays a very active role, where symbolically and ideologically the archaic domains and damages the techno extension of the last century.
In popular legends like in the Grimm’s fairy tale “The Lord’s Animals and the Devil’s”, the goats are connected with the devil: “The devil had created the goat(s), had set devils eyes in.” (Grimm Hans Sachs 1556 Schwank) looking for his revenge against God and his creatures.

Nicola Tirabasso (1993) Is a visual Artist and Graphic Designer based in Europe. Musically known as VISIO.



Sonic Belligeranza

DJ Balli sold his soul to the devil when he thrashed his first pair of Air Max. He then realized he’d got too low a price so he set up all the mess of sonicbelligeranza.com, dj-set and performances exhibited in this YouTube playlist to retroactively negotiate the price.

Modern, liberated, contemporary, of a broad spectrum, artistic,intellectual, post-organic, vegetative, stress-relieving,experimental, extraordinary. All these adjectives are often applied to electronic music, with Sonic Belligeranza records things are different.


Quanto Magazine

La grande bocca

La playlist ripercorre la nascita e lo sviluppo dell’essere umano, dallo sviluppo delle prime forme di vita fino all’evoluzione dell’uomo in macchina. Al servizio del soldo e masticato dal mercato, l’animale uomo passa da preda a cacciatore, sino a diventare servitore di una nuova divinità: La Grande Bocca che divora tutto, anche se stessa – metafora del capitalismo che inghiotte ogni cosa. La natura e l’ambiente, culture e valori. Il senso stesso del nostro essere biologico.

QUANTO MAGAZINE è un progetto editoriale di letteratura speculativa e design.



The now in sound 2020

This video playlist dives through the Norient of 2020. These sounds and videos have been sent to us from our followers from all over the world or they appeared in one of our current projects:

  • The virtual exhibition DISORIENT presents music videos from the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia, that re-imagine, parody, or deconstruct Orientalism
  • the digital publication SAMPLING POLITICS TODAY examines how political contexts of our time are transformed into musical production, and
  • the music documentary CONTRADICT portrays young musicians in present-day Ghana and asks about their realities, hopes, dreams, and visions.

Welcome to the Norient, an audio-visual gallery and a community (of practice) for the sound of the world: For contemporary music, quality journalism, cutting-edge research, projects and events like the Norient Film Festival (NFF).


Gabriele de Seta

Ballistic Gel Epistemology

This sensory trip carries spectators along the disturbing vectors traced by weapons, ammunitions and human bodies as they intersect elastic masses of ballistic gel. Unchecked by YouTube moderation guidelines, prolific epistemological cultures develop around the proto-scientific manufacturing and mauling of human-shaped ballistic gel. The reported physical similarity between the gel and human flesh intensifies the crass overlap between broadcasted violence and martial masculinities. Between hydraulic presses and animal meat, ballistic gel offers a tragic measure of what is left of human embodiment in the proliferation of online video.

Gabriele de Seta is a media anthropologist interested in internet art and experimental music. He is also a member of Rainbow Island and a purveyor of sapid yeet-hop beats as DJ Kimchi. More on http://paranom.asia

Sense Fracture

The Not Possible Evolution

Extinction, devolution, revolution, catastrophe. The road not taken, the conditions for impossible living and improbable coexistence. The good news is there are no fucking good news.

DJ, producer and writer Francesco Birsa Alessandri adopted the Sense Fracture alias as a mean to develop raving’s potential into an effective sonic force. Traversing the spectrum of hardcore with defiant attitude, they models the tropes of extreme dance music into exhilarating acts of resistance. They co-funded Haunter Records and runs it alongside Daniele Guerrini (Heith) while also being one of the founders and curators of Saturnalia Festival and experimental rave project Dance Affliction, both happening at Macao squat in Milan.


Giorgio Dursi

Ontological Flinstones

I made a list of 21 queries I want to ask Youtube. I will search videos following a simple rule: only videos shorter than 4 minutes and uploaded in the past hour. I will choose one of the first 5 videos following no precise rule. It is like querying the short-term memory of a confused person. Most of the videos hasn’t been catalogued and will not be catalogued, some might be deleted soon, or they will fall into the accumulating magma of amorphous content.

The search has been made between 10:30 am and 11:00 am on Sunday, November15th 2020. Here are the queries with links to the search videos: questioning, make a list, true answers, searching for god, how to know everything, library, new experience, accumulation, reproduction, love, entropy, discovery, gain power, make money, dreaming, happiness, the meaning of life, life after death, extraterrestrial, the end, start again

I https://giorgiodursi.tumblr.com/

Giulia Bencini

Cerebral Nurturing

Soft, silky. But yet so crunchy and hard. What do you crave for? This is your playlist in times of need for that cozy, intimate feeling that only food is able to give you. Nurture your soul – or rather your grey matter- with this concatenation of deceptive images and indulge yourself to new, sometimes rediscovered, but always unveiled sounds.

Enjoy, my brave adventurers!

*feel free to interact with the playlist: discover the longest videos by jumping back and forth and tempting fate, finding hidden, juicy delicacies.

BIO- Giulia Bencini lives and works in Milan as an eco-social & service designer. Besides dancing hip hop and jumping from sidewalks with her rollerblades, Giulia is also part of the duo GIU(STE)*, a modest venture that publishes experimental projects unifying text and photography. But, keep in mind, only when astral conjunctions are particularly auspicious.

*you might be wondering what’s with the brackets. Well, for this particular project, GIU worked without STE, who has been kidnapped by big fashion brands for higher purposes (yeah, the rich guys with big bucks. Who could blame her after all?)



A BODY IN A BODY IN A BODY IN A BODY IN A BODY or The Space in between Matrioskas as a Space for Freedom.

Where does the body exists in this moment if the perceiver is active within multiple surfaces?

The matrioska as a body within a body, a body within a context, a space within a space. The matrioska is both a theatre and a time machine. On the one hand it encloses the reflection on the meaning of the body and its relation to the context. On the other hand it expresses the constant decontextualisation and recontextualisation of web contents (which are active bodies). If bodies are intrinsically linked to the context, in which space can we locate the body when operating digitally and how do we relate to virtual infobodies? (Can we become contexts?)

Our invitation is to activate a common ground in the transitions between Youtube videos, a space in which to unfold and reverse the context/body. Through the perception of such processes we can locate our action bodies on surfaces that are not pre-determined and are liquid. As Beuys states: “the possibilities for freedom are always present”. When the frame within the frame is perceived, we free the space in between. This liquid architecture is where the altered mind lives and is gradually able to relieve its spatial conditions.

TOTALE is a hyperformative realisation of missing space or sound. TOTALE is an exercise of flooding the context. TOTALE is a platform for collective research and practice founded by Can Aksan and Vittoria de Franchis.

Paolo Schiamazzi & Faetal-B

gerulis :D

gerulis 🙂

Misto Mame is a district of Tirana and an apartment in Rome00185. A pasta-performer collective called “New Weird Italia” has expanded from the kitchen sofa. Under this aegis happenings are organized, compilations, discs, zines are published; from 2020 (until 2023) we have activated a web radio (00185fm) and a label (RIFORMA). Many of us watch (or have had the opportunity to watch) YouTube, television and mass media, while some of these audio-video contents are scary. This is why some Italian new weirds have curated these curious playlists, while others have not.


Marco Paltrinieri

For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out

This man is crazy.

If he is not, then we are going down.

In slow motion.

In slow motion.

In slow motion.

In slow motion.

Marco Paltrinieri Music / Visual Art.

mrcpltrnr.tumblr.com/ discipula.com

Simon Reynolds

Dreams Built By Hand - experimental animation, visual music, weird short films

It was music that actually led me into the world of 20th Century experimental animation. I noticed that some of my favorite avant-garde electronic composers had provided the scores to various films: Bernard Parmegiani and Francois Bayle both made music for Piotr Kamler, a Polish animator transplanted to France, while his erstwhile compatriots Jan Lenica and Walerian Borowczyk drew on the eerie abstractions of composers like WlodzimierzKotonski and Eugeniusz Rudnik.The makers of the films sought out music as alien and futuristic – or surreal and creepy – as the moving images they created. Sometimes that was from established composers; other times from lesser known people of their acquaintance who had institutional access to synthesisers or studios at universities. In some cases, animators like Norman McLaren and Jeff Keen, created their own peculiar scores, using various methods. In McLaren’s case, this involved a self-devised technique of “hand-drawn sound” whereby he literally scored the film, scratching miniscule markings on the celluloid’s edge that controlled loudness, pitch and timbre. When the film was run through the projector, this miniature code generated electronic-sounding scurries of blips.

The connection with avant-garde sound makes sense because much of this animation is so abstract it falls into a category that scholars call “visual music”. So there’s a reversibility at work: two art forms united through their shared synesthetic ambition. Animation in its most radical, pure form is aspiring to the condition of music; music, in its most radical, adventurous form, is trying to create moving pictures in your mind Another parallel between experimental music and experimental animation is that much of the work involves a do-it-yourself, outsider ethos. Just as there is a whole tradition within avant-garde music of inventing instruments (Percy Grainger’s assemblages of ready-made household equipment like vacuum cleaners to invent sound-generating machines, Harry Partch and his gamelan-like percussive constructions), likewise in experimental animation, it is usually a lone operator, maybe occasionally a duo, creating these projects over a long period of time. You often have an obsessive, eccentric individual, like Harry Smith, devising their own techniques and spending months or years painstakingly assembling these works.

Hence the playlist title “Dreams Built By Hand”. It’s almost all animation from the pre-digital era. The means of production is manual, laboriously fiddly, time-consuming, and it involves working with the stubbornly material realm of the analogue. Techniques range from widespread ones like drawing cels and stop-motion using puppets, models, paper cut-outs, etcto more bizarre, self-invented modes (Julian Antonisz’s “non-camera films” that involve painting directly onto the surface of the celluloid film, Ferenc Cakó’s patterns drawn in sand, etc).

These literally hand-made movies have a certain quality that is phenomenologically different from digital animation. The illusionism at work feels like magic, in both senses: conjuring tricks, and the uncanny and sorcerous. A creaky kind of artificial life is created before your disbelieving eyes.



Anti-Captcha - NOT FOR HUMANS

a youtube playlist with videos that non-human entities like to watch. __________________ We’d like to thank them. See what you guys did. Thank you. I’ve tried a lot of this and have been playing it for more than 100 years now. I just couldn’t do it with a computer I’ve always wanted to play as an artist, so I thought I could get creative. I’m really starting to notice a ton of things going on, but we’re still trying and I have some issues there but there’s not many more possibilities and still really hard questions. Thanks again

Merchants is the music duo of Davide Amici and Alberto Ricca (Bienoise). They make folk music for possible countries. Their works have been released by Yerevan Tapes, Gang of Ducks and RLGN.


Irene Ticarmina (Drinchendrò)

Looking for answers

Answers from art and people to get better one wrong day. “How can you resist this music. Come on, dance. You know like the other night”.

Drinchendrò è un progetto nato a novembre 2016 dalla necessità di trovarsi, bere qualcosa e disegnare insieme. Da qui è diventato un incontro aperto a tutti all’ora dell’aperitivo. Quello che fa Drinchendrò potrebbe essere riassunto nella parola “laboratorio” ma ogni volta è una cosa diversa, tutto può cambiare a partire dal luogo e dai partecipanti. Abbiamo girato per Milano a Macao, Eno Sud, Cantinetta, nello spazio Fotonico, abbiamo collaborato con Timmerman, e altri luoghi e locali che ci hanno ospitato. L’ultimo laboratorio esperimento è stato in Triennale a dicembre 2019 con Ruggero Asnaghi, un workshop di 6 giorni per costruire elementi sonori, travestimenti e marionette per la Parata Strampalata.

Drinchendrò si fa con della carta, delle matite, la crepla, dei pennelli, delle pozioni magiche e sopratutto con le persone. Con quelle che disegnano e con quelle che non lo fanno mai. Drinchendrò è il post-ufficio del day dreamer, il co-working occasionale e un momento di svago e libertà di espressione che unisce l’animo creativo con lo spirito social club.

Drinchendrò è composto da: Laura Bagnera, Chiara Dal Maso, Judy Rhum,Irene Ticarmina, Matteo Signorelli e … tu? Social:

https://www.instagram.com/drinchendro/ https://www.facebook.com/Drinchendro/

Vecchio Puorco


Allora, mi chiamo playlist sono sbroooo e faccio la quarta. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… premi https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… per incollare l’ultima cosa che hai copiato, premi https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… La maggior parte delle persone vive, e tu? Posso darmi del tu? Lo finisci quel dessert?

Giada Arena

Old italian songs and gore

Old italian songs and gore è il viaggio nel colon dell’umanità e quindi dei media fatto da Giada Arena (che poi sarei io) su YouTube tra il 2016 e il 2017

International Winners

Scrambled Eggs

Collection of videos from various browser’s bookmarks carefully selected to not have any relations to each other. Hours and hours of fun and discovery from the new land and beyond. Dive.
Also, tell us who you are: We win internationally on several levels. https://www.youtube.com/user/internationalwinners/videos https://soundcloud.com/international-winners

Chierichetti Editore

Musica per chierichetti birichini

La compilation è divisa in due parti: la prima riguarda la musica prodotta dai membri del collettivo o amici molto prossimi che hanno – in un modo o nell’altro – influenzato la nostra produzione, la seconda riguarda brani che hanno in qualche modo ispirato o plasmato le storie che raccontiamo.
Il collettivo Chierichetti Editore si occupa di fumetti che riguardano il sogno, il tradimento e la pornografia. Le produzioni del collettivo sono raccolte nella rivista LEGIONE, giunta al quarto numero.

Palm Wine & Michela de Mattei




Heimat der Katastrophe

Dungeon TV Lombardia

We grew up in the 80s, years of great dungeon exploration. We escaped from reality by taking refuge in the underground of our imagination. Our escapism was a dead end labyrinth. Today we celebrate dungeon-culture and the freedom of exploration. Welcome to a world of magic and mystery.

Heimat der Katastrophe is a music-label/collective devoted to minimal-synth, dungeon-drone, wartime music and post-nuclear wave. Managed by a creative punx from Milano city.


Hvala Ti


Sake tataki Travis the chimp
Sake imuyaki hosted this show
involtino scomposto A collection of his fav soundS he caught during the years
(mother doesn’t like his music taste)
usuzukuri special. Qq but also: HIS FAVORITE CLIPS!
maguro 111Travis watched a lot of television this year
ebi yt television, Travis loves it!
Onogiri- gifuto MOTHER LOVES IT.
Onigiri- tuna Please enjoy.
temaki black salmon
sashimi special
gamveri kataifi

Asmir Lalic is an undercover bosnian assassin and floating professional record spinner based in Milan.

Gang of Ducks


Gang of Ducks is a collective and a free-form platform focusing on record releases, events, sound installations, video and editorial projects. Founded in 2013 between Torino and Berlin, during these years it has worked with a worldwide community of like-minded artists, creating a wide catalogue of outputs and ideas.”

https://gangofducks.bandcamp.com/ https://www.instagram.com/gangofducks/


Classic sound-art vines

A member of the group asked to the others to send over those videos among their favorites that could relate to sound and/or to different forms of attention and uses other than watching. Then the order of the videos has been reassembled trying to achieve some sort of narrative form for the Artetetra MICROTV happening.

Dave Saved

Sit on the side

Ho raccolto alcuni dei video che tengo salvati visto che tengo particolarmente a cuore ogni tot di farmi un giro su YouTube e andare a spulciare nei canali di sconosciuti! Dentro c’è anche un video che ho usato come sample in eternal flame qualche anno fa. La playlist è principalmente formata da video di utenti sconosciuti, gente normale che posta a cuor leggero video di se stessi che agiscono nel mondo e infatti il titolo è un po’ come a dire mettiti comodo e guarda qua che meraviglia ci regala la gente! E anche interessante vedere che anche non volendolo i contenuti più interessanti son datati tra il 2006 e massimo il 2010 che erano un po’ gli anni embrionali di YouTube in cui la gente non sapeva bene quello che faceva e insomma raccogliere e valorizzare questo materiale rilasciato nell’etere mi sembra un dovere morale.


Charli B Moore

ACCASA inner monologue YT™️⚜️

High VS D o w n L o w romantic rollercoaster of emotional Kwality Kontento to inspire the never ending shitshow reel of big boss, Duh Brian ▴〠 ▾



Fancy consumer commercials, oddities and other random stuff from another era!

Randomonitor is a Youtube playlist compiled for the mighty italian tape label Artetetra’s new project called “Microtelevision”. It explore various topic as fancy vintage consume adverts (from various media as cassettes, camera and keyboards to cigarettes and other domestic stuff). A little reflection of how the capitalism embraced us and our pleasures with emphasis fiction and lies. It also contains Youtube’s random oddities and virtual stuff.

Loris Cericola is a Italian musician and visual artist. Guitarist and vocalist from the noise rock band Spirale, tape looper in the projects Vacuum Templi and Panthalassa. He’s also an analog visual artist, focused on video feedback art.

https://weirdtapesrekords.bandcamp.com/album/carne-della-mia-carne https://weirdtapesrekords.bandcamp.com/album/death-chamber-musick https://weirdtapesrekords.bandcamp.com/album/distances https://weirdtapesrekords.bandcamp.com/album/panthalassa



Raffaele Steiner

cover me, it's cold (appappugghjà)

Mimetic music video compilation with selected songs made by improbable artists and non-artists musicians still living on Youtube and making stronger the music globalization.



91.1% what?? yea u get it now call it before it gets too lit bruh alright this is just the random shit i watch when i feel stressed depressed lemon zest. so yeah all the time basically hope u enjoy !! bacini

Cameron Stallones


Sun Araw is the working title of a musical project helmed by Los Angeles-based artist Cameron Stallones.  Sun Araw has released a number of well-received and consistently innovative albums, with his ninth, Rock Sutra, released by Sun Ark Records (an imprint of Drag City) in 2020.
Structural and spiritual inspiration for Sun Araw comes primarily from investigation into the nature of experience by the transformative power of simple observation.  The goal has always been the creation of a psychedelic music, by which is meant a psychotropic music: not an aesthetic sensibility but a method of discontinuous experience.  Supporting every Sun Araw composition is the fact of mantra: the ability of repetition with attention to change the perception of a melodic object.  By means of this constantly changing perception, the possibilities of improvisation become infinite.  More recent works attempt to effect the mental activity of the listener even more physically and investigate the expansion of the time-experience when the composition removes a fixed place from which to listen.

Since the project’s inception in 2007, 8 full-length LPs, 3 EPs, 6 cassettes, and innumerable collaborations have emerged, partaking in a musical spectrum spanning psychedelic drone and melted afrobeat, warped dub and minimal composition, all the while remaining distinct from any possible genre classification. In 2012 a posthumous split 7″ with minimalist psychedelic legends Spacemen 3 bent the circle of influence into a spiral.  Sun Araw’s releases have been praised in Wire Magazine (who selected Heavy Deeds as one of the top 50 records of 2009, On Patrol in the top 50 of 2010, and Ancient Romans in the top 50 of 2011), The New Yorker, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Uncut Magazine, Mojo, Pitchfork, and beyond. Sun Araw has toured extensively domestically and abroad, performing in Europe, Russia, Australia, Mexico, South America, and Canada.

In early 2011, Cameron and M. Geddes Gengras traveled to Jamaica where they recorded and produced Icon Give Thank, a collaborative album with roots-reggae legends The Congos, which has led to a live performance at the Barbican in London and a concert in Manhattan with Lee Scratch Perry. While in and around Kingston, Cameron and Ged also began producing dancehall singles and tracking local vocalists under the name Duppy Gun Productions, and are currently releasing this material with the help of Stones Throw Records.
Cameron creates the artwork for each release, writes liner notes, and has started a photographic series of books and videos and a radio show under the heading: Second System Vision.


Nice Strangers

4 AM Choo Choo

Get on the 4 AM train.


Esy Casey


whether packaged in slick news graphics or shaky doc-style, the published video fuels proof for both the unexplained and the scientifically explained, increasing exponentially into a virtual snowballing of real world chaos and mistrust of everything. beginning with the first fake viral video ‘badday.mpg’ and ending with deepfakes, video somehow maintains its reputation as evidence, erasing the line between real and fake, which hardly matters as long as the click$ keep coming to keep them seen

video / art between the philippines / us


Thug Life Beta Testing

Small screen Video-tutorial to prosper and survive in the streets. Lotta knowledge, fast & ezy. “You can’t change this fucked up world if you’re dead”. Have everyone lookin’ achya like a propah G. and go beyond all tests.

Chapters include:

  1. Walk In
  2. Hustle
  3. Fail
  4. Rock your Nation
  5. Run from the PoPo
  6. Rappin’
  7. Weapon Handlin’
  8. Flexin’
  9. Stealin’
  10. Poppin’
  11. Recover
  12. Curse
  13. Fight
  14. Win

TMT is a rap&slack local working class hero based in Tucidide, Milan, for now.

Atlas Occultus


Series of documentaries that explore science connections and magical thinking: esotericism, ufology, fakirism, occult history, para-psychology, spiritism and spiritualism. From unknown worlds populated by miraculous healers, mediums, shamans and clairvoyants, a timeless reality emerges, which has its roots in mythology and independent research. An occult atlas superimposed on the conventional version of the reality of science, religion and art.


Donato Epiro (Canti Magnetici)

Mare Grosso

I’ve been having the same dream for years: very high waves, floods, tsunamis, and I run away to save myself (I always succeed in it). It all starts suddenly as I sit quietly and watch the sea from the beach. The first wave gets bigger and bigger and then the disaster happens. Some psychologists friends of mine say that these kinds of dreams are related to kidney problems and in fact I suffer from renal colic. Anyway, I started having this obsession with videos of ships in the middle of storm. So, this is my playlist.

Donato Epiro. Composer, musician, biologist. Part of Canti Magnetici label team. Based somewhere in Southern Italy, Canti Magnetici focuses on the research, through anomalous sounds, words and images, in the fields of natural and cultural phenomena, states of being and sciences.


Rully Shabara

The Sinetrons

Hop on into the time machine! It will take you to a journey through past decades, all the way to the era of Indonesian New Order through the opening/closing titles of Indonesian TV series from the 1970s to early 2000s. To Indonesians who were born in the 70s and 80s, the images and sounds from this playlist will result to be highly nostalgic. To non-Indonesians and post-millenial generation, they will probably just look – how do you say it – old. Or weird. Anyway, back in those days, the contents of TV, film, and radio were strictly controlled and curated by Departemen Penerangan (literal translation: Department of Enlightenment). Their job was probably to enlighten Indonesian people with clichés, stereotypes, and hilariously obvious messages). Thanks to them, I am now feeling enlightened to navigate in the modern era of Covid and post-Trump numbness.

Rully Shabara. Loves to sing, write, draw, cook, binge tv shows, laugh at the wrong time, imitate cool kung-fu moves, scream while riding a motorbike, sleep before performing, and listen to the odd beats made by water dripping in the bathroom at night.




when were you when Bibby die? I was sat at home eating deepfried Twinkies when MrChess ring ‘Bibby is kill’ ‘no’ and you?????????? From 2011 to 2016 I’ve committed lots of my freetime to watch and collect hours and hours of video material on a streaming platform named Babbytube (later Bibbytube). Born in 2011 from an amarican anonymous son of 4chan it created a small community of less than 500 people gathered together to compose an infinite playlist of crazy videos with one only rule: NO SEALS JOKES.

All the videos were forcefully watched in sync with the other users while chatting, and skipping was only possible by democratic vote. This playlist wants to be a smiley but sad tribute to those happy and carefree years spent with my friends during my first years of living in Milan “on my own”. Bibbytube died few years ago and this will be its memory.


[[To live the Real Bibbytube Experience you should be allowed to skip only the >10 minutes videos. Enjoy!]]

Best served at 420°C


Tikoy Kavei

L'ora esatta

Un ora esatta di playlist – Catalogo audiovisivo – Raccolta di suoni e immagini che hanno deliziato le nostre puerili voglie di raggiungere il luogo dell’istruzione. Un viaggio emozionante da Stonehenge al Dalai Lama. Dai un boost alla tua attenzione, aumenta la tua sensazione di focus. Hai già messo il sussidiario nello zaino? Dai andiamo!

Tikoy Kavei (Gigi el Pinar) – very slow musician and composer based in.


Panacef Mishima


An extravagant and extrasensory experience mixes obsolete technology, surreal advertising snacks and astral visions. Through video and audio sources in this case Panacef Mihsima founder of PURE WOOL GARDEN and AQUATIC BOY BAND builds a manual to learn these magical pearls lost in the network. This episode of MICROTELEVISION encompasses the two extremes of genuine aesthetics and intellectual music; which together offer something as yet undefined and unexplored. Private gardens and city fountains are the scenario in which these mental trip move imprisoned without escape.

Giuseppe Conte



Undicesima Casa


The utopian anti-clubbing collective Undicesima Casa brings a wild mix of ecstatic humanity and unorthodox sound making, from haunted mansions in southern italy to the russian wilderness, cooking everything up a in friendly soup.

dj final form


A collection of edgy juvenile content throughout the decades from dj final form.

Radio Raheem





A Stable Reference / Unstable Deference

The internet is a petty tirannical monster and our free will is undermined on a daily basis by huge corporations who decide what we like, what we think and what we want. Even if property of one of the biggest ones, Youtube is still a place full of wonderful things. Sometimes you wonder what pushed an individual to upload that video. Sometimes you wonder if something exist and boom! there it is. After a long day in front of the screen trying to make ends meet, the act of randomly surf Youtube videos is at the same time liberating and revolutionary. This list is just a hint of a million possibile connections between the things I like, the memories I have, the memories I thought I had. It tells a story. Like the lyrics of a song, you can probably catch what it means to me, or apply your own meaning, that’s the fun of it.

OK, but who is Onga? I am a boy from the countryside who was saved by music. I love brutalism, flat lands, driving for thousand of kilometers and the fog. I made mixes on tape in the nineties, on CD in the 2Ks and on web platforms now. I speak through music:



I run a label which tried to kill me: www.boringmachines.it

Albert Rosenfield is a role model.

Luca Giudici

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

“If you give a man a fish, he will be hungry tomorrow. If you teach a man to fish, he will be richer forever.”

Luca Giudici is a Milan based visual artist and graphic designer. He co-founded w/ Virginia W the club night Spiritual Sauna and he usually dj under the fishing alias of Rapala700.



Mai Mai Mai

Mediterranean Gothic

The Dark Side of the M… editerranean.

A YouTube Journey around the darkest imaginary of Southern Italy and Mediterranean Culture, exploring the interrelation between pagan rituals and Catholicism, lives shaped by arduous labour and working-class dignity, the fragility of man subdued by nature, divinity and magic, going deep thru subterranean passage of ancient temples, churches and ruins.

An attempt to search for what can be found behind the sun-beaten surface of the Mediterranean archetypes and psyche.

Mai Mai Mai is an Audio/Video project, an idiosyncratic examination into Mediterranean and Southern Italian folklore, a dark journey into past traditions, made of blurred memories and hazy sounds. It can be considered as a ‘Mediterranean Hauntology’, one that avoids the pitfalls of nostalgia yet which reanimates the ghosts of a lost past, in the form of an evocative ritual.



Enrico Malatesta


The Meriam Buluh is a home-made firecracker made with a bamboo tube; it is known with different names all over South East Asia.

The famous Bamboo Cannon is an explosive instrument and noise generator used in various popular and religious festivals and very widespread, since the 90s, as an illegal, but still celebrated, handmade toy in rural areas of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines.

The playlist has been collected during the preparation of the sound performance Bamboo Kaboom, that implies the use of a modified version of the Meriam Buluh and others bamboo-based sound devices and performative practices from South-East Asia.

Enrico Malatesta is an Italian percussionist and sound researcher active in the field of experimental music, sound intervention and performance.


Attila Faravelli


It quite impresses me how listening to sound in the studio (for music recording or production) delves into sound’s own material texture, as opposed to pure, disinterested enjoyment of music which mainly involves paying attention to the ‘content’ of what is being listened to.

On one hand, sound engineering enacts a form of quasi-scientific sonic targeting, where tiny details are over boosted and the living continuum of sound is broken down into separate particles. On the other hand, it makes one aware of how sound can exist beyond and before the ‘emotional’ and the ‘semantic’, as intrinsically meaningless and made up manifestation, where a tiny adjustment to the timbre (by mean of an equaliser, for example) shifts the supposedly deep ‘meaning’ of a piece of music entirely.

The same is true for the world of hi fidelity, where anal audiophiles spend years listening to a small selection of albums while swapping a component for another (a cable, a condenser, a resistor) in the quest for ‘perfect’ sound. For as ludicrous (or even dangerous) as all that is, this attitude nevertheless highlights the relational nature of sound, the form of a movement of material, cultural and subjective forces more than a closed object of perception.

Attila Faravelli www.auraltools.com



Viviamo tempi fra parentesi: dietro lo schermo il vuoto, poi l’inconscio e noi, con i nostri ricordi collettivi, privati e pubblici, funzionanti o da aggiustare.

Quel monitor assuefa, libera dalle monotonie del giorno e della notte con illusioni, racconti, rifugi. Molta infanzia e poco futuro. Mondi paralleli ci contattano su Youtube aiutandoci a capire il nostro, di mondo. I muri ci ascoltano e scarti senza forma, dettati da un tempo tiranno, organizzano il nostro spazio.

Io mi assuefo

Tu ti assuefai

Egli si assuefa

Noi ci assuefacciamo

Voi vi assuefate

Essi si assuefanno

Spettro is a corridor for sonic explorers.


Rom Heidecker

dancin' over OTA TV / signals from the caves

Watching too much TV can lead you to live in a cave, remove time as a defense of being, towards the non-being. Dancing in the ether and then wake up in the dark to realize that sweat has turned into stillicide.


Kiosk Radio

The road up and the road down are the same thing

A collection of seemingly contrasting Brussels-related videos from past and present. All part of the same, unmatchingly weird, identity.

We are an online community radio streaming 24/7 from a wooden shack in the heart of Brussels’ historic “Parc Royal”.

A meeting point for music freaks from Brussels and beyond. A tiny kiosk bar serving eclectic music and drinks. Sometimes, in sunny summer days, a safe space to dance under the trees.


Stefania Zanetti

I Wanna Plunge

Liquid nostalgia of what has been never lived, with a crispy side of tactile melancholia, food is the media upon which soft hidden instincts found their free expression. Navigating into a routine universe, adv shaped attitudes and daily habits absorbed as a background. Kept awake from visual stimuli, not wandering the authenticity of the sources; languid movements frame unbelievable secure and grounded presents. Warmth and saturation just as a way to immerse into the own liquids until to sink into pleasure.

Stefania Zanetti studied Design, specializing with a Master in Eco social Design at the Free University of Bolzano, willing to filter her passion for projects with that of human behaviour. Today she lives Milano, working as a photographer freelance, teaching Photography for Design at NABA, and collaborating with different magazines, also as an Editor. She loves experimenting with edible materials and textures to find magic enhancing sensations; while developing various personal researches and projects. Stefania finds photography a filter that allows her to take care of her emotions, constantly reshaping her sight on the internal and external world.


Clever. Mischievous. Intelligent. Dangerous.

Gremlins is a cult horror-comedy and a xxxmas classic that heavily changed a part of the global imagination on the phenomenon, as well as our yearly holiday Tv broadcasts. In the movie “a young man receives a strange creature called a mogwai as a pet, which then spawns other creatures who transform into small, destructive, evil monsters that all wreak havoc on a whole town on Christmas Eve. It draws on legends of folkloric mischievous creatures that caused malfunctions in the British Royal Air Force.”

Much in the same way, or at least we like to think so, the xmas holiday has spawned a plethora of imageries, objects and, not last, media content that in some cases are even barely related to the event, if not to a certain contextual extent. Nonetheless, they take part in the complex, multilayered and hypertrophic production of themed physical and digital entities that orbits around the celebration. There you go: a wonderful occasion to go through a part of it, selected by your favourite underground nefarious organisation, in order to puzzle yourself about the relationship between christmas and the spawning of internet content.

Clever. Mischievous. Intelligent. Dangerous.

“Sold”. An interesting choice of words. You have taught Mogwai to watch television?! I warned you – with Mogwai comes much responsibility. But you didn’t listen! And you see what happens?


New New World Micro tv

This playlist is dedicated to the bad trip of the 90’s psychedelic revolution in music, tv, art and society.Post-genres, post-geography, post-politics.

New New World Radio is an independent freeform online station with 24/7 broadcasting.


Freeform implies that the content is under the complete control of DJs and show presenters — no ads or censorship. The line up consists of exclusive shows and mixes which are elaborated by musicians, independent music enthusiasts and contemporary artists.

The contributors of NNW are protagonists of different scenes. What unites them is zeitgeist, they exist in the NOW, learning from the past and looking firmly into the future. They are experts or newbies profoundly inspired by an infinite list of genres: from Taiwanese pop of the 50’s to Russian rap revival, from African dance micro-trends to noise and sound art.

NNW doesn’t chase after exocticism but reveals new sounds creating the soundtrack for post-globalist world.



How difficult is it for a single individual to grow political awareness by only resorting to the techno-cultural gizmos our current social and economic system offers to us? Is it even possible to embrace the unbearable complexity that regulates human society in the upcoming ’20s? Why no instrument whatsoever is handed down to the younger generations, and why any attempt at understanding it is not encouraged and rather immediately repressed ***(Capitalism will be Capitalism)*** ? We asked the dreadful questions to the ads-driven, ADHD-inducing, parenting-replacing, ubiquitous late-stage capitalism video platform called YouTube. The following are some of the most meaningful results: observe them, and decide which tools to bring the next time you need to efficiently dismantle the System.PAYNOMINDTOUS is a non-profit organization, music webzine, netlabel, mixes series based in Turin, Italy that focuses on contemporary experimental music, either oriented to the dancefloor or concert venues.

PAYNOMINDTOUS is a militant promoter of the most cutting-edge instances of the Italian and European scene: back in 2017, this drive brought them to start organizing music events in town to offer new and insteresting experiences.



Aaron Rumore


Chiuso in camera, apro i cancelli del giardino barocco, in digitale; come la storia: un artefatto narrativo.




Big Brother isn’t watching. He’s singing and dancing. He’s pulling rabbits out of a hat.
Amongst other things, I am a video and soundholic, when I can’t stop this is what makes me sleep.

Radio Safari


A strictly nerd dive into biology: from amatorial animal encounters to scientific 3D animation of the structure of DNA, because there’s a lot more than humans and their body out there.

Radio Safari is a series of audio-documentaries about animals and their sounds.

Episode by episode we discover the calls and songs of animals inhabiting a unique global location, exploring the reasons why an animal produces a specific sound, from an evolutionary and anatomical purposive.

We also explore the purpose of sound for different species and how languages develop and are expressed in non-human worlds.